Dental Staff

Our hygienists, dental assistants, and front desk staff join our dentists in providing you with the excellent dental care you deserve.

Our Dental Hygienists – over 100 years experience!

Our office has one of the premiere hygiene staffs in the entire Kansas City area. It is the job of a dental hygienist to help patients develop and maintain excellent oral care. We are fortunate to have multiple licensed dental hygienists with a total of over 100 years of combined experience. Our hygienists regularly attend continuing education classes to keep abreast with the latest technological and procedural developments in the dental field. At the Cabin, our hygienists care for a patient’s oral health equally as much as they care for the patient. We strive to match you with a hygienist that will continue to work with you for years to come.

Dental Assistants

The primary concern of our dental assistants is patient care. Our dental assistants are responsible for preparing patients for treatment and also aiding the doctor. Many of our assistants are certified to provide expanded functions. This certification is earned after passing a series of written and clinical exams, and such allows these assistants to perform tasks such as taking impressions and x-rays and make temporary crowns. Our dental assistants are up-to-date with the latest technology and continue their education on a regular basis. You can often find assistants alongside the dental chair as dentists treat and examine patients.

Dental Receptionists

The main goal of our office receptionists is to provide helpful and friendly service to every patient. Each of our receptionists works hard to make sure that your trip to and experiences at the cabin are timely, organized, and scheduled around your agenda. Our receptionists make certain that you are aware of upcoming appointments and schedule new appointments. A particular few work exclusively on dental insurance claims, making every effort to maximize your insurance benefits. If ever you have a question regarding your dental work or your appointments, our receptionists will field your phone call and answer and address any questions you have or concerns.