Botox & Xeomin Injections

Did you know dentists are some of the most reliable medical professionals to administer Botox?

Dentists may be known for their work with teeth but they are experts in facial muscles too. They specialize in the head, jaw AND smile, making them uniquely qualified to provide this sort of procedure.  It was recently made legal in Missouri for dentists to administer this low risk procedure and we are excited to now offer this treatment at The Cabin! This can be a stand alone service OR an add-on to your semi-annual teeth cleaning or your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Dr. Kayla Leach, Dr. Heath Hoffmeister and Dr. Emily Hutchinson are certified and qualified to offer facial Botox for medical or cosmetic purposes. 

We offer two products onsite: Botox and Xeomin. Both are administered through a series of small dose injections. In addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines, these products can help with: TMJ, Grinding Teeth Syndrome, gummy smile correction, lazy eye adjustment, chronic migraine reduction, eye twitching recession, neck spasm slowdown and much more.

I’m interested, how do I learn more about products and pricing? 

Read more here about: Botox & Xeomin Services at The Cabin. You can also give us a call, or tell your hygienist, assistant or dentist about your interest at your next appointment!